What if Uniswap met PSN? Bring your favorite games anywhere, play with your guilds and earn!

Bring your games and experiences anywhere

Bring your games and experiences anywhere on the web, with one click! Play the games you always loved, and start earning directly from Twitter. Looking for players on a game? Post your request as a Twitter post, and let users join there.


Earn from your games

Are you a game dev tired of having to focus more on building a community then building your game? Or a user tired of having to change 15 different platforms to do some P2E? Quests brings the best and easiest User Experience for anybody to earn from your game just by scrolling Twitter, and an easy way for new games to get tested and acquire visibility.


Play with your friends

Gaming is always more fun with friends. Getting them to join should be as easy as liking a post. That's why with our GameTag you are not forced to use an unpolished web3 UX but by aggregating your web3 wallets to your web2 identities you are bringing the metaverse anywhere you go!


Gaming Social Graph

Imprint and aggregate your web3 and web2 identities in a fully customizable passport. Show off your personality and flex your assets in a 3D room, embeddable anywhere. Invite people over: play, chat, trade, gamble all together, anywhere.